Gulangyu Manmanyouyou Inn

Manmanyouyou, is a warm family small hotel, located in Gulangyu within the Neicuoao No. 100.

She is a pair of old villa together, one is Manman, the other is Youyou.

We are dreaming, dreaming of flowers, long days.

Destined met Gulangyu two small villas, quiet and elegant, warm to endure together, but also different, as we at the same table.

So it hit it off to make it into a small hotel, on the use of our own name.

Welcome to this with no car, only a long walk on the island, looking for a long memory, into a long hotel called Manmanyouyou and waited here for you.

One room, one Gulangyu Road, one corner of Gulangyu.

In the room, there is all the information about this Gulangyu debris. Lived all over the lengthy of every room to complete the most beautiful Gulangyu puzzle.